This ancient teaching everybody seems to know about these days… But what is it really? It’s a lifestyle, it’s a moral code. It’s a choice. It’s movement, breath, meditation. It’s confusion, frustration, bliss. It’s divers, adaptable, strict. It’s so much more than just the poses which are called asanas! If you decide to do Yoga one day it is highly probably that it will never leave you, even though you might not continue doing it. It connects movement with breath, our body with our mind and spirit. No movement means stagnation or death, see it as the actual shifting of muscles when we walk or the blood running through our veins. Same for animals, same for trees. And no breath… well, that one is quite obvious. Yoga can teach us about ourselves, about spirituality, about the profane and the sacred. It’s a journey that can be as beautiful, scary, spectacular and memorable as any traveling you can imagine. Because it’s a journey to yourself.

Here I want to publish some thoughts about Yoga and thoughts that came to me through Yoga. And one day announce and give classes!

I did my first Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in India. In Rishikesh, the birth place of the very original tradition of Yoga. That’s what they say in Rishikesh. There I learned Hatha, which is believed to be the oldest form of physical Yoga, and Ashtanga Yoga developed by K. Pattabhi Jois. They are both bodily demanding but beautiful in their own way. My second YTT led me to Ecuador, where I stayed for almost half a year during the Covid-19-lockdown. There they teach a very different kind of Yoga, a kind that I had never heard of and never experienced before. Kaula Tantra Yoga. A style that relaxes before activating, that comes back to softness rather than tension. Groundbreaking. Habit breaking. Mind breaking. Amazing. I will write more about this unique style of Yoga here as well.