Wild Femininity

The wild woman comes from deep and smells like forest and warm motherhood. Her hair flows free around her head and falls long down her back. She moves sensually and with a self-security that she wears like a glowing aura. A woman squatting, with one knee and one hand on the ground and her eyes closed. She connects herself to Gaia and receives wisdom of nature, of every woman ever to be alive and of life itself. Like a female warrior feeling vibrations and energy running through the soil and knowing exactly where to go and what to do. This kind of knowledge is the one that wild women have. A deep rooted knowledge in tune with nature and themselves. They speak freely, they dance sensually and they love unconditionally. They trust their intuition because they know that the mind has other tasks. Within the primordial femininity, like a green landscape in movement bringing fertility to soil and beings. 

Wild femininity is not feminism. It’s the connection to the deep rooted sacred feminine that resides in all of us, just like the sacred masculine. Here I want to give space to what wild femininity is for me. Our cycles, our moontime, blessed bleeding and renewing of our bodies, intuition, creativity, Yoni and womb consciousness, the inner wisdom keeper… I want to share what helped and is helping me on my journey to connect, to learn and to love myself as the woman // goddess // warrior // witch that I am.