Hello dear friend!

My name is Laura. I am a child of this universe, here to learn everything my soul is resonating with! That’s why after my studies of Social and Cultural Anthropology I started traveling, did three Yoga Teacher Trainings (India, Ecuador, Online), a training to become a Writing Therapist and and a Yoga Therapist training. I tried out many other trades to see what I like. By now I know a bit more in which direction I am heading: Doing and teaching Yoga, self-exploration and introspection through writing, women circles, womb journeys, menstruation workshops, the wonders of feminine nature and much more.

This page is one of the ways to bring my dream into the material domain of life. That’s why it will contain many of my interests and passions, small bits and bobs of my live to inspire myself and maybe others.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do! ♥︎


  • Social and Cultural Anthropology, M.A. (2009-2016)
  • Yoga Teacher Training in India 200h (2019)
  • Writing Therapy Certificate (2019)
  • Yoga Teacher Training in Ecuador 500h (2020)
  • Yoga Therapy Certificate (2020)
  • Well Woman Yoga Therapy Training Online 220h (2021)