Curiosity Killed Nothing

Curiosity has two sides. One is the side of a person wanting to know, asking questions, being interested in something that they don’t know about. The other side is the one of being nosey, of watching the neighbours through curtains, of parents impatiently saying: “Stop asking so many questions!”. There is the saying “curiosity killed the cat” which should teach children about the dangers of unnecessary investigations and experiments. In German a curios person is greedy for something new as curiosity translates to “Neugier”. The word “neu” means new and the word “Gier” means greed. 

And then there are two definitions of curiosity in the dictionary: The one of inquisitiveness and the one of something peculiar, extraordinary which arouses interest. 

So you see, curiosity is a word or an action that can trigger many things and reactions in people. They can be annoyed or intrigued; it can be dangerous or inspirational; it can be stopped before it begins or it can be the beginning of something wonderful. 

I believe that curious people can stay young forever. They are inhabitants of a colourful world where adventures and new questions hide behind every curve, behind every corner. And sometimes even right in front of their noses! Curious people manage to not do the same task over and over. Not because they stop doing it but because they change one little thing each time, trying out another way to work or another spice for their favourite dish. This keeps them young, excited for life, questioning and learning every day! They are daring, courageous, eternal beginners without feeling ashamed of that. Why would they? It’s not the already-know-it-all that will change the world. 

True, it can lead to perfectionism and to never being satisfied with what one knows and is able to do. But isn’t curiosity also the key to mastery? The ongoing quest to knowledge and wisdom? A way to find passions and interests, like-minded people that might turn into friends? 

Paulo Coelho says: “Even if you have already repeated something a thousand times, you should always discover something new, fantastic, unbelievable in the same thing every time, something that you missed before.”  (from The Winner Stands Alone, 2008)

So be curious, my friends! Try out something new every day, may it be as little or seemingly insignificant. Curiosity can be the way from your heart to your mind, and vice versa. It can train your intuition and deepen the relationship to yourself. It can lead you into your power. 


A beautiful exercise for igniting your curiosity flame comes from Tantra and will take approximately 30 minutes. It can be done outside or inside. If you do it outside make sure that you have a person with you because you will be blindfolded. The other person will be there never touching but taking care that you don’t get hurt (if you bump into something that is part of the game. Falling down the stairs not so much). If you want to try it out at home go for it. This exercise can give you a completely new feeling of the space you live in. In both cases you will cover your eyes with a scarf or a piece of fabric. You can start by taking small steps with your arms stretched out or go onto your all fours, depending where you are. Take your time, use all your senses. What does that thing feel like, smell like, sound like? Your caretaker will make sure that you won’t dig your fingers into dog poop, I hope… Observe if you let your mind explain your experience because that would stop the whole exercise in the beginning. Distance yourself from it: Is this really a dry leaf that you just picked up? Discover it with the tips of your fingers, let it crunch in your hand, hold it close to your nose and ear. Is that really the wood of a table or maybe a miniature landscape with valleys and mountains? What shape does this flower really have? Can you paint it in your imagination? Enjoy the curiosity of a child! 

But wait, there is more: This exercise can surprise you in two ways. Because there is the moment after you take the blindfold off! You will experience an amazing awareness for your surroundings with increased sense for details. That spiderweb there, do you see how much it glows in the sun? Wow, have you ever really looked at that house plant on your window sill? How it’s leaves are curving, how the green of the stem is changing shade? Enjoy how all your senses and your curiosity are in full motion and you are ready to discover the world around you! 

Thank you for allowing this post into your life. I hope and I wish you a beautiful journey of learning and loving yourself! 

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