Little Moments ~ 1

The following short text is the first of many moments in which I paused and enjoyed the here and now, being as aware as I could be. Like little time capsules that I can go back to and evoke the feeling of being totally present.

Watering plants. Using a water hose. The sun is standing low, shining through the trees of the neighbouring property. Quince, mirabelle. Blackberries at the rusty fence. I hold the hose higher and the water rains down on the thirsty plants and ground, suddenly letting hundreds of diamond shining water droplets hang in the air. They fall so fast, each of the containing a line of bright light on one side and the rest is filled with rainbow. If I could put real life into slow motion I would probably see the trees, sky and clouds in these tiny mirrors. The feeling that nothing man made can be that beautiful as this momentary gems made out of water. They fall on the leaves and soil with a sound like rain on an umbrella, filling the air with the fresh scent of wet grass on a hot day. My feet stand in the cool mist, uniting single drops to one wet footprint in the garden. The sun sets here and rises somewhere else. Maybe there another person sees those diamonds of water. 

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