What is dreaming for you?

We don’t know for sure but we believe that humans are the only beings that can dream in the meaning of fantasising / imagining, because just watching a dog or cat sleep makes it clear that they do sleep-dream too. The dreaming I want to talk about here is more of the kind that we as humans can envision a future or altered reality that might or might not become true. There we can imagine things, we can change our appearance or skills. Infinite, unlimited possibilities! (Don’t go “I will rule the wooooorld”-emperor-shit though. Please.) 

When a friend asked me this question that is also the title of this post my mind presented me two ways to understand this question. Interestingly the more complicated one came first… That there is something that is dreaming for me and the question was what would that being be and what would it dream for me. Yeah, my mind has fun ways to work sometimes…
When the question came back from that detour and the synapses clicked straight again, the more obvious meaning became clear: The meaning of dreaming and my interpretation of the concept. And the empowering that lies there as I am the one being active! 

I love dreaming. It’s like thinking but without the restrictions of logic and this reality’s rules, like physics or laws. As a teenager I would dream my life away, Walter-Mitty-style (amazing movie!). Making myself more attractive or interesting to be loved by people that I longed to be loved by. My dreams were more exciting than my life in those moments. It was like an addiction. Now I want to dream not to escape but to create! Without limitations and to live my life accordingly. Of course, in this plane of reality I do have to obey some rules and laws… So there will be no cloud palace or gigantic chicken to ride to work… BUT: I can paint clouds on my house and my car in rainbow colours with a loud “Gack-gack!” as a signal-horn (does that exist???). Because dreams are like plans before you know that they are plans. When you realise and recognise them you can start to make to possible parts real. 

That’s why dreaming is so important! To get to know yourself and the most daring and crazy desires you have! They might be disguised as fantasy or dismissed as illusions but your dreams can show you the path to a life you really really want to live. Your mind doesn’t really know the difference between thought and reality, that’s why good self-talk is so important. That’s also why dreaming can be so empowering. So listen to them, make space for them, write them down. It doesn’t matter if they deny anything you believe to know about this reality, you will find ways to bring them down to earth. It might be surprising, it might be scary. It is vital for our happy existence. 

Thank you for allowing this post into your life. I hope and I wish you a beautiful journey of learning and loving yourself! 

One thought on “What is dreaming for you?

  1. nika

    dear Laura you my beautiful angel I thank you for this text and what you wrote really warmed my heart so much I love you dear sister. I wish for everyone to keep on dreaming and to be happy -to love themselves no matter what


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