Loving My Cycle using the Wisdom of the Female Archetypes

Connecting phases and cycles with certain archetypes is a way of relating, used for example by psychoanalyst Carl G. Jung. They are metaphors that help us to understand; they influence our relationships and interactions, usually subconsciously, with others and our relationship with ourselves. Yes, they generalise but they ring with truth nonetheless. Allowing them to give us insight can support us empowering ourselves. 

Here I want to introduce female archetypes which helped me in my journey to love my moon time and the cycle my being is going through. There are different approaches and names but these ones resonated the most with me. 

Talking about the female cycle the archetypes are also connected to the seasons. We start in our Inner Winter; this is the week or the days in which we are bleeding, the first week of a new cycle. Different traditions have different archetypes for that week: The Wise Woman; The Crone; The Witch. In this moment of our cycle we turn inward. We hibernate and rest, letting our body go through a metaphorical death and rebirth, shedding old and stuck energy.  This is not the moment to give to others but to ourselves. In some cultures women were and are believed to be very powerful in the days of bleeding because we gain deeper access to inner wisdom and intuition. Time alone is key. And SELF-LOVE! Give yourself space, tend to your needs and enjoy the days in which you are a wise old woman. 

Spring follows. Metaphorical flowers start to peek through the metaphorical snow. This is the second week of our cycle, also called the Follicular Phase. Estrogen is rising, an egg is maturing to be released. Out womb is starting to renew it’s lining. We have new energy for new projects, we slowly show ourselves to the world for we are now The Maiden or The Virgin. In this week we dedicate our time to take on challenges and new ideas, we are focused, strong and energised. 

Third week, Summer is here! It’s also the time of our ovulation. A mature egg will find it’s way from one of the ovaries into our womb to be eventually fertilised, estrogen is at it’s highest now. We are more expressive, social and outward in this week, being of service to others. The archetypes are The Mother or The Healer. We nurture, host and tend to others; we are also flirty, playful, creative. Our sexuality and sensuality are heightened. This is a good moment to ask for and to materialise what we want. 

Then our inner year comes to an end. Fall, the time of the Wild Woman, The Priestess or The Visionary. It’s also called the Luteal Phase; the hormone progesterone is first peaking and then dropping what causes our womb to literally start aborting the egg and to thin the mucous lining in which the egg was nesting. Again we turn more inward, craving alone time. We connect to inspiration and we focus our energy on creative ideas. Tending to our needs becomes increasingly important. We are more mentally creative and less physically active. Moods start to swing and we require space. 

Honouring my inner seasons and archetypes helped and is helping me to accept and really love the cycles and changes I’m going through every month. It was a game changer for me. Seeing it as the miracle that it is. Women inherently know how to die and how to reborn 9 to 12 times a year. Eventually this miracle will help to create life. It’s part of our feminine power, of our wisdom. It connects us in an incredible depth with nature, with ourselves and with each other. 

Thank you for allowing this post into your life. I hope and I wish you a beautiful journey of learning and loving yourself! 

For further reading, inspiration and where I got my information from:

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