Awareness Exercise

Look at the inside of your left hand. Look at your five fingers, take time for each of them. See the lines, the valleys and mountains of your skin; are there any scars or spots? Which stories do they tell? Which stories do you want them to tell? Observe the length of each finger, each section. Move them, bend and flex them. Now look at the palm of your hand. How do the lines move here? Do the deepest ones cross? If you move your hand the shadows change and maybe reveal a whole map of streets and avenues right there in front of your eyes. Your personal city literally on the palm of your hand. Now take a look at your right hand. Follow your intuition to focus on the uniqueness of shape and colours. Maybe also of temperature and scent(s). You can turn your hand around and then discover a whole new city. Or maybe this is more like a landscape with mountains and rivers. Move your hand and see how this landscape changes there in front of you, mountains rising and flattening again, rivers swelling and drying up. 

This is one exercise to practice awareness. You can do it with many other things, not just your body (it’s really good for your body feeling though). Awareness is using all senses to know and understand that a situation or subjects exist. These days it’s used a lot in New Age contexts so you probably heard of it… In my dictionary being aware is also connected to truth and what you think is true even though you might not know all the facts. Which brings me to the point that everything we as individuals perceive is a unique experience in this universe. Nobody, really nobody will ever see, hear, smell, feel, taste and think about something the same way as you do. Even if you look at the same thing at exactly the same moment. We all colour our perception in the way we were taught and programmed, we learned and evolved to do. So enjoy, because that also means that the whole universe is inside of you, being experienced there in a completely unique form and that, my friend, makes you a creator, a Goddess or God. 

Being aware of that (ha, pun intended) we can proceed to the main subject of this part of the blog. Bringing awareness to the small things happening around us all the time. Putting away any electronic device and saying no to distractions for some time during the day. When we are walking, when we are drinking the first coffee in the morning, when we are sitting in a park or our balcony. Whatever we are doing, let’s bring awareness to it. This is the tantric way of doing, of living, of being. With awareness, all senses focused on the present moment. 

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