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Here you will find little snippets of my life, texts and poems about wild women/femininity, Yoga, creativity, traveling and whatever else comes into my mind!

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  • Rain
    Rain. I love rain. Calming, soothing, cleansing, nourishing, flooding. I love listening to it, watching it. Falling on leaves, bending them down for a split second per drop; like high-fiving them; falling on stone, on soil, on water. For each material of destination it makes a different sound, forms a different pattern: on stone it …

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  • Routine – Cut yourself some slack!
    Routine… what a boring word. It’s connected to something ever repeating, something I have to do, “I must”, “I should”… Something that I want to break out of. Be free of. Surprising then that the usage of the word in context of personal growth and improvement of self has exponentially increased. “Change your routine to …

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  • What Children’s books can teach us
    Recently I was feeling very low. I was feeling depressed, unhealthy, ugly, too obedient, too whatever and too little of the opposite. You might know what I’m talking about. It went on like this for some time and then I thought, hey, why don’t I read Pippi Longstocking again? No idea where that came from, …

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  • Curiosity Killed Nothing
    Curiosity has two sides. One is the side of a person wanting to know, asking questions, being interested in something that they don’t know about. The other side is the one of being nosey, of watching the neighbours through curtains, of parents impatiently saying: “Stop asking so many questions!”. There is the saying “curiosity killed …

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  • Life is an All-you-can-eat Buffet!
    Have you ever wondered if the life you dream of is really your dream life? Like the one that you fantasise about during the day, the one that you maybe save your earnings for, the one you discuss with partners or friends.  When I was traveling for years I had moments in which I wanted …

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  • Little Moments ~ 1
    The following short text is the first of many moments in which I paused and enjoyed the here and now, being as aware as I could be. Like little time capsules that I can go back to and evoke the feeling of being totally present. Watering plants. Using a water hose. The sun is standing …

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  • What is dreaming for you?
    We don’t know for sure but we believe that humans are the only beings that can dream in the meaning of fantasising / imagining, because just watching a dog or cat sleep makes it clear that they do sleep-dream too. The dreaming I want to talk about here is more of the kind that we …

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  • My Traveling Necessities
    This post is not to tell you what to bring to your travels. The content of your backpack or suitcase is highly personal! Also this is not about the obvious or usual stuff like toiletry bag or an adapter for foreign outlets (that is always good to have in your backpack though!). I want to …

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  • What if I was whole all this time {Poem}
    What if I was whole all this time? All this time I though I was broken.Those pieces beautiful strokes of colour on my soul canvas. What if I was whole all this time? In moments of self-doubt and fear. Putting myself down under the weight of expectations. What if I was whole all this time? …

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  • Loving My Cycle using the Wisdom of the Female Archetypes
    Connecting phases and cycles with certain archetypes is a way of relating, used for example by psychoanalyst Carl G. Jung. They are metaphors that help us to understand; they influence our relationships and interactions, usually subconsciously, with others and our relationship with ourselves. Yes, they generalise but they ring with truth nonetheless. Allowing them to …

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  • Traveling – Love of my life
    It has become increasingly popular to live or call oneself “traveler” or “nomad”, to live in a van and to dismiss the conventional lifestyle of society and our parents. Every person would describe their personal experience as a nomad and the meaning behind that term differently. For me being a nomad doesn’t mean yet to …

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  • Why knowing more about Yoga is so important
    Yoga… What is Yoga? It’s an ancient teaching, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a moral code. It’s a choice. It’s movement, breath, meditation. It’s confusion, frustration, bliss. It’s divers, adaptable, strict.  I am not saying that there is only one truth about Yoga. There are as many Yoga styles as there are bodies performing it (and …

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  • What not having my period for 4 months taught me
    Menstruation. Period. Moon time. There are different names for the same manifestation: The shedding of the uterus lining after our body recognises that we are not pregnant. A natural cleanse and release (most) women experience every month, usually from the age of 12 until the menopause after the age of 45-50.  Many names, each followed …

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  • Awareness Exercise
    Look at the inside of your left hand. Look at your five fingers, take time for each of them. See the lines, the valleys and mountains of your skin; are there any scars or spots? Which stories do they tell? Which stories do you want them to tell? Observe the length of each finger, each …

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